Transparency is one of Stewards’ Market’s Core Virtues. In consistency with that virtue, we make how we finance this tool transparent. Our development stage is bootstrapped by the founders. If that changes, you’ll see it here.

Stewards’ Market will be unapologetically a for-profit business. Our only revenue will come from commissions on each transaction on our platform. We plan that commission to be a flat 8% for all sales regardless of producer, purchaser or scale.

This price is intentional but untested. American farmers today earn only 8 cents of every dollar Americans spend on food. In a stroke of symmetry, we have flipped this relationship between distributors and farmers on its head. Of every dollar spent on Stewards’ Market 92 cents will go to the farmer. The rest will be used to invest in the tool, run our business, or market for the farmers. As we progress this percentage may have to change, but the model will not.

If a farmer chooses to create a profile but not sell on our platform that is allowed. Our mission is to connect eaters and farmers. If you find a farmer you love on our site but don’t buy through us we consider the job done. Yet we hope our platform is so convenient and reasonably priced that you would rather choose to buy or sell through us than elsewhere. We intend to earn every dollar of our business.