Our Standards

What is ethical food?

We don’t know the answer to this question. We certainly have our opinion about what constitutes stewardship but food choice is a very personal decision and is subject to a host of complicated factors and contexts. We have no intention of being the arbiters of what ethical food means.

Rather our goal is to empower consumers to make choices for themselves based on their own convictions. We do this by creating a transparent marketplace. Our platform encourages transparency by asking questions, encouraging pictures, and publishing information about how you can visit the farm yourself. Our platform even positions farmers within the interface by their commitment to transparency. This way consumers can buy food that fits their budget, their values, and their families.

Eaters, know the transparency goes both ways. The aggregate data on what our consumers search for and buy is made available to growers free of charge. So every purchase and keystroke you make is in fact an explicit signal to growers about what they should be growing and how. This data remains anonymous and is never sold or made available outside the Stewards’ Market platform however.