Stewards Market

Connecting eaters and growers.

We exist to bring integrity eaters and integrity growers together in a local way. We aim to create a different food market for eaters and growers both. Where both can reap the benefits of personal relationships, healthy growing practices, and responsible eating.

Eat Food

You’re responsible for your health; take control of it. Eat food grown on sunshine and soil as it was designed to.

Food Security

The best means to food security is to know a farmer. Short supply chains and personal relationships help build resilient food networks. Join one!


The burden of stewardship falls on growers and eaters alike. You get to vote on a food system three times a day. What kind of food system do you want?

Live Seasonally

How it works


Look for local growers. Search by geography or products. Pick a convenient pickup point then pick out your food.


Once you’ve found some growers and some food check out in one cart. Transact with digital convenience.

Make an Account

Create an account to quickly purchase from your growers in the future or to set preferences for growers you want to meet.


Pick up your food at the time and place you selected from your grower. Collect your food with relational significance.